A 12-string Guitar in the Art Deco Style

At long last I am building a 12-string guitar. From early blues to Pete Seeger to Roger McGuinn. . .I've always love the sound. I think because it reminds me of the cittern. I'm building this instrument to be tuned in the 'Nashville' tuning, as Keith Richards did on 'Wild Horses'. This wil help keep the weight down and will sound good for early music as well. My drawing is based on a Torres body shape and features a 'reverse fan' back.

Art Deco is one of my favorite periods in design. I don't get to design many Art Deco interiors these days. . .but I have imagined a blues guitar that would come out of that period.

. . .more to come. . .




12-string chap book:

"Pete’s tuned four half-steps below concert pitch, and the string scale is just short of 28 inches. I guess he got his original inspiration from Leadbelly, who played a shorter scale but had heavy strings on his–tuned slack, too.”

-Seeger's Luthier Bruce A. Taylor